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Joy Perfume Review

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Joy Perfume Review

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I’ve researched Joy Parfüm for months prior to me buying it and have
heard it described in many ways. So I’ve come up with my own
description based on what I’ve smelled and read. Joy perfume really is
what I would call a timeless classic that can be worn for causal or
formal occasions. I’ve been known to spray my dog with joy perfume
before having people over. The smell is fresh and clean coming from a
blend of cassis, orange, pear, green banana, rose, musk, amber,
mandrain, bergamont, hedonie, and jasmine. In simple terms, I’d
describe it as a floral scent that’s feminine, flirty and seductive.
After I bought a bottle of the stuff, it was easy to see why it’s been
an international favorite since the 1930’s and the second best selling
perfume in the world.

I also looked up reviews on joy perfume and found the following:
4 Stars Joy by Jean Patou
Cheltenham, England on 11/30/2009
Pros:Clean and Fresh, Draws Lots of Compliments, Great Smelling, Still
my favorite
perfume, Unique smelling (in a good way)
Cons: Expensive because no one in England has it, however reasonably priced in the States and online from
Best Uses: Daily Use, Evening Use, Signature Fragrance, Special Occasions
Fragrance Type: Floral, Powdery
Bottom Line: Yes, I would absolutely recommend this product to a friend
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Comments about Jean Patou Joy Perfume:
I have been a pretty big fan of Joy for many many years now. I can’t
remember how long it’s been, but I can only purchase it online or
through mail order.
No body in England stocks, therefore, it costs a lot more to order from the U.S.

5 Stars WOW, WOW, WOW
By trini Verified Reviewer from nyc on 11/27/2009
Pros: Draws a lot of compliments, Smells Great, Sexy Smell (and makes
me feel sexy too!), Very Long-Lasting (woo hoo!)
Cons: Long lasting (scent stays on through the night sometimes)
Best Uses: Evening Use, Signature Fragrance, Special Occasions
Fragrance Type: Floral
Bottom Line: Yes, I will recommend this.

Comments about Jean Patou Joy Perfume:
Got this as a gift from my boss, it was a lovely set of lotion and
perfume. I love it, the compliments are never ending from both men and
women. Though it is pricey, it’s worth it…

5 Stars Joy – still timeless
By SueC Verified Buyer from Sydney, Australia on 11/1/2009
Pros: Unique
Best Uses: Evening Use, Special Occasions
Fragrance Type: Floral
Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Comments about Jean Patou Joy Perfume:
What a treat it was to find the EDP concentration at such a great
price online. It was about half that of department stores. I love Joy
but bought this for my mom who deserves something extra special for
Christmas (she never treats herself). Joy’s wonderful blend of roses
and jasmine hasn’t changed as far as I can tell, and the packaging is
updated and a little more glamorous.

5 Stars Great scent – buy yourself a gift!
By Sonia Verified Purchaser from Toronto, Canada on 1/6/2010
Pros:Lasts a long time, Gets me compliments, Alluring
Best Uses: On Special Occasions and Evening Time Use
Fragrance Type:
Oriental/Spicy, Woody/Earthy
Bottom Line:
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Comments about Joy Perfume:
This might be the first time I’ve tried this product but it’s
defiantly not the last! I absolutely love this scent, especially once
I’ve been wearing it for a few hours. I will definitely buy joy
perfume again!

In short, Joy Perfume is a great scent for any occasion. It was easy
for me to find these reviews and more about joy perfume which is what
gave me that extra nudge I needed to actually make the purchase.
However I didn’t notice anyone else trying it on their dog…

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