All about Joy Perfume

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All about Joy Perfume

Joy Perfume, What it’s all about

Joy perfume is one of the most well known brands of perfume manufactured by the leading fragrance specialist Henri Almeras for the Parisian couturier by the name of Jean Patou. It is a good example of floral genre in the sphere of perfumery. The Joy Perfume was conceived in response to the Wall Street Crash which occurred in the year of 1929. As a result of the Wall Street Crash, Jean Patou had lost its wealthy American clientele.

Features of  Joy Perfume

Exquisite Natural Fragrance
One of the most exquisite aspects of the Joy Perfume is that it actually smells like natural flowers. This is because the ingredients of this perfume are natural ingredients. The perfume smell is a combination of rose and jasmines. As many as twenty eight dozen roses and about ten thousand jasmines are required for the production of this perfume. Consequently it is very expensive and can be afforded only by the rich.

Unique Bottle Design
Another unique feature of the Joy Perfume is the elegant design of its container. The design of this perfume bottle was made by the well known artisan and architect Louis Sue. The aim of this design was to produce a very simple yet a classical feel. Simply the design of the bottle led to the purchase of this perfume in large numbers. Even today, this perfume continues to be bought not only for its wonderful fragrance but also because of the classic appearance of the bottle. The bottle often serves as a decorative piece in the homes of the rich and the wealthy.

Thus, Joy perfume is indeed one of the most incredible brands of perfumes associated with Jean Patou. This perfume was instantly successful when it hit the market and till date it continues to be the most famous fragrance of the Jean Patou couturier.

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