Best Place to Buy Joy Perfume

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Best Place to Buy Joy Perfume

The Best Place to Buy Joy Perfume


Traditionally I have been recommending to buy Jean Patou’s Joy perfume from but have been kind of disappointed with the site’s layout. It’s kind of confusing, and it looks outdated in my opinion. In lue of this site being dedicated to Joy Parfum, aka Joy perfume I went back out on the internet and searched for other places to recommend purchasing the Joy fragrance by Jean Patou from.

My new recommendation is from a, semi new, site named My reasoning behind recommending this site over my previous recommendation is simple. They have a larger variety of Jean Patou’s products, including Joy, Sublime, Patou Forever, Enjoy, 1000, and Sira Des Indes. All of which are found here at the best price. This site also lets you “try before you buy” which I found to be the best feature. Additionally they offer free ground shipping, live help, along with other products like gift sets, hair care, skin care, cosmetics, and even candles to name a few.

However, does have very low prices. In fact I think they are having an 80% off sale, so check it out too.

My next post will list out the various products by Jean Patou. As stated above you can purchase any of Patou’s perfumes at the link listed or in the next post which will take you to each product.

Be sure to take advantage of the 10% Discount on every order (coupon code: 10offorder)

As always, thanks for reading my Joy perfume blog!

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