Joy Perfume by Jean Patou

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Joy Perfume by Jean Patou

Joy Perfume by Jean Patou

Jean Patou began her business sense as a high-rend fashion designer, however
once the stock market took it’s major crashed the demand expensive items.
Jean mostly marketed her clothing to rich affluent American Women high-end
clothing did as well. Fortunately the Patou’s company lived on due to
its’ perfumes which are still well known globally today.  The most commonly known of
the Patou perfumes is “Joy”.  Joy Perfume is composed of a floral
scent rooting in jasmine and roses. Jean introduced “1000” after
Joy perfume which has a more earthy bouquet with floral undertones
based on osmanthus (which is very rare and hard to find in fragrances).

There were many perfumes released before the ever-popular Joy perfume.
Many of which were made and named in celebration of events such as:
Normandie which was in honer of  the French boat and Vacances,
the which was the first French, paid, national holiday. Additional
perfumes of the
same era are Amour Amour, which was the forerunner for Joy perfume
using similar rose notes but with no jasmine, Que Sais Je, Moment
Supreme, Colony, Adieu Sagesse (for redheads), L’Heure Attendue (an
oriental scent), Devine Folie (floral vanilla scent), Caline (a chypre
scent based on lavender), Chaldee, and many others. Most of these were
re-released in the 1980s under the name “Ma Collection”. They were
available in Eau De Toilette Spray, Eau de Toilette bottle, and a pure
perfume bottle holding 30ml. An art deco box, unique to the perfume was used to hold the
contents. Additionally a silk scarf, printed to match the box the perfume was in, accompanied each perfume box. These boxes are still sought after today, as collectors items.

Patou also created three men’s perfumes named Patou Pour Homme, Patou
Pour Homme Prive and Voyageur. However it’s the Joy perfume that has
become one of the greatest fragrances of our time.

Joy perfume was once the most expensive perfume in the world, however
is now priced for all to enjoy.

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