Joy Perfume Samples

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Joy Perfume Samples

Joy Perfume Samples


According to recent survey, around fifty percent of women will not buy a perfume without trying it
first. They will first ware the perfume and if it suites their body chemistry then they will go ahead for
the purchase. The fragrance industry does not seem to understand this obvious point and think that
it is not important. When it comes to Joy perfume, I think based on all the awesome reviews and it’s
history that is not a 100% necessary.

If consumers are given an opportunity to buy a sample perfume bottle then there are chances that
he or she will go ahead and buy it. However, you will definitely see joy perfume samples in your
nearest perfume stores or you can even search the internet and buy it online. But, the problem with
the internet option is that those promotions get expired soon so you will have to hurry to get one for
yourself. You can even search for perfumes mini sets which come with a selection of 10ml to 15ml
perfumes bottles. You can get around 10 to 12 perfume bottles with different fragrance to try. This
will give you a perfect idea about the fragrance and know if it sooth your body chemistry or not.

Samples are the best way for the manufacturers to increase the number of loyal and long lasting
customers. The main challenge these perfume manufacturers faces is to provide this samples into
the hands of consumers because, there is a cost that is applied on the production of the samples and
giving away limitless supplies is not feasible for them. However, consumers are willing to pay at least
a small amount to sample new product.

There is a limit in the number of perfume samples available in the market. But, you will definitely get
joy perfume samples in almost all perfume selling stores. Joy perfumes were designed by Jean Patou
as also known as the most expensive perfumes in the whole wide world. Jean Patou raised the bar of
luxury during the humble beginning of the Wall Street Crash and First World War. In spite of so much
tension in the market, Joy perfumes done the fantastic job and in no time it was almost used by all
women of America.

The manufacturers do not compromise on the quality of this luxurious perfume. To create 30ml
of high quality joy perfume it requires twenty eight dozens of May roses and around ten thousand
jasmines. It also includes tube roses, ylang-ylang and Bulgarian Roses. The heart sinks is with jasmine
and Grasse where as it dries down with May roses. This is the main reason why it is most expensive
perfume of the world. Still, you will find high quality joy perfume samples in the market and that too
in affordable rates.

There are many fragrance released under Jean Patou name. Joy perfume is a mixture of the most
delicate and sensual notes. The top notes are tangerine, bergamot and coriander and the green
accords will give you a fresh and sweet tinge. Whereas, the middle notes go floral because of ylang-
ylang, neroil oil, roses and jasmine. It dries down with sandalwood, vanilla, cedar and civet.

Joy perfume samples have never failed to commit that it has started since 1920. It is the most
famous perfume especially for women across the world.
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