My Perfume of Choice Joy Perfume by Jean Patou

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My Perfume of Choice Joy Perfume by Jean Patou

My Thoughts on Joy Perfume:

Now that I’ve showed you what others are saying about Joy, here is my
experience and thoughts on it:

The first time I smelled Jean Patou’s Joy perfume was in an Ulta
because I had heard about it and wanted to see what the rave was
about. My first thoughts were “Why is this the second most popular
fragrance sold?” Sitting on the shelf in front of me was the most
expensive perfume in the world by reputation. Yet I found it to be
just, well average. It wasn’t a bad smell, I did like the scent however it
didn’t blow me away as I had initially expected.

Looking back now I realize I was just being narrow-minded and didn’t
fully appreciated Joy for what it is today: a graciously balanced
smell that embodies class and being a woman. I think it can be
compared to a classic pair of Manolo’s, being both luxurious and
glamorous while remaining timeless.

In previous articles I went over the history of Joy and how it was
created in the 1930’s right after the crash of the stock market and
the launch of the Great Depression. It’s because of this gray cloud
that covered American’s lives that Joy was created. (Also probably why it was named Joy.) The creators of
joy perfume/ parfum pride themselves in the 10,600 jasmine and 28-dozen rose
flowers that are in each ounce of the Joy extract. This is most likely
why the smell leaves you feeling vibrant and well, simply put, joyful!
It’s also probably why it lasts a long time. I never have to
re-apply throughout the day.

The Eau de Toilette Joy can be purchased in is stronger than the
Parfum. The Parfum is lighter and calmer than the Eau de Toilette, and
fades into a nice light floral scent throughout the day. This allows
people to appreciate the true beauty and joy that the perfume
embodies. The Eau de Toilette is crisper than the Parfum and has more
of a jasmine scent and is richer however, the major difference between
the two is the dry time. The Parfum has a base that is rather animalistic
and spicy where as the Joy Parfum blossoms from an explosion of
flowers to something more relaxing.

Although Joy Perfume is as old as most Grand parents (approaching 80!)
it certainly doesn’t smell like any Granny I’ve come across. If you’re
like I was and you weren’t blown away by Joy perfume, it’s definantly
time to give it another chance. The best news about it, is you don’t
have to pay the aristocratic prices in order to smell like one these
days. Joy by Jean Patou is available in department stores however I
recommend one of the many online perfume retailers. (I have my
favorite ones listed on this site. They have the best price and great
shipping options!)

Buy a bottle today and let me know what you think!

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